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Bursaries, Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and Awards Information
Hello Potential Graduates!  
As you make post-secondary plans, we encourage you to investigate scholarship and bursary opportunities to help fund your future goals.
To assist you in your research and planning we have put together lists of bursaries and scholarships that are frequently available to our grads.
The first set of awards listed are those with application processes.
Whenever possible, updated application deadlines and links have been provided. 
The value of these awards is typically advertised along with the application information.  
We are also grateful to be able to offer numerous and varied community sponsored awards to our graduates.
The eligibility criteria for these awards is determined by the donor in collaboration with ADHS staff and the number and amount of these awards varies from year to year.
We are very grateful to our incredibly generous community for their support of our graduates each year.
The allocation of these awards is either determined by the donors themselves or by the ADHS Commencement Committee comprised of high school staff including teachers, extra-curricular advisors, our guidance counsellor and our administration.
Students are encouraged to complete an online survey every year in May to ensure our Commencement Committee is aware of their accomplishments, contributions and needs, both inside and outside of school.  
If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, bursaries and awards recognized at Commencement, please contact our guidance counsellor, Ms. Tracy Brown, at [email protected]

Scholarships and Awards with Application Processes Confirmed for 2021-2022

Awards with application processes and deadlines for 2021-2022 confirmed include:

ONTARIO JUSTICE EDUCATION NETWORK’s 2022 Bursary Program is receiving applications!   Are you a graduating high school student in Ontario? Do you plan to pursue post-secondary studies that would lead to a career in the justice sector? Apply today for the OJEN Bursary Program! OJEN administers 22 bursaries province-wide for students who are entering their first year of post-secondary studies in the fall. The amount of each bursary is $1000. When you submit your application, you are automatically considered for a bursary that is provided by the Association of Justices of the Peace of Ontario, the Association of Ontario Judges, and Ontario Superior Court Judges’ Association. Applicants should describe the justice sector career they are interested in pursuing and demonstrate how their post-secondary program will help them achieve this goal. To apply and learn more, please visit:
Submit applications by Friday, May 27, 2022 - 5:00 p.m.
Questions? Contact: [email protected]

The  CLIFF BENNETT NATURE BURSARY FUND  distributes ONE or MORE Awards of $1,000 to students from our  local  area who have demonstrated a love of and appreciation for our natural environment.  Students who wish to pursue post secondary studies related to the natural environment in the hopes of pursuing a career in this field are eligible to apply. Additional consideration may be given to a student with special needs and/or financial need. Applications for the 2022 Bursary must be received by  May 1, 2022. The application can be downloaded from the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ website at . 
A poster with more information is posted outside of Student Services.   

The  SCHULIC LEADER SCHOLARSHIPS  recognize up to one hundred entrepreneurial-minded high school graduates applying to STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) at partner universities. The scholarships are valued at $80,000 to $100,000 each.  To review the application criteria and process please visit the Schulich Leaders website  Our school is entitled to nominate  ONE student for the award  If you are interested in being the nominee for our school, please submit a copy of your completed application (minus the reference letters) to Ms. Brown by 11:59 pm on Sunday,  December 5, 2022.   A committee including our school administrators, guidance, and our academic department leaders will select a nominee from the pool of applications and forward our nominations to the Schulich Awards before the January 26, 2022 deadline.  

The  TERRY FOX HUMANITARIAN AWARD PROGRAM  recognizes students for their dedication to the humanitarian ideals of Terry Fox, their impact on human welfare and their courage, compassion and fortitude in overcoming obstacles. The pursuit of excellence in academic, athletic, and civic life is also taken into consideration. For more information and to review the  application process, please visit the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program website at: .  Applications are due December 1st at 11:59 pm

The TD SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP recognize students who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to community leadership. These scholarships are worth $70,000 over four years and the application deadline is  November 15th at 11:59 pm EST.   Please see their website for details.   

THE FEDERATION OF CANADIAN MUNICIPLAITIES (FCM) sponsors the Canadian Women in Municipal Government Scholarship ($1,000) recognizing young women involved in school leadership teams or students council.  Application information and submission deadlines open  October 18th on their website. 

This year the LORAN SCHOLARS FOUNDATION will offer over 36 scholarships worth $100,000 over four years as well as more than one hundred secondary scholarships valued at between $2,000 and $5,000 each. These awards recognize character, service and leadership potential.  Please see the Loran Scholars Foundation website for details  The deadline to apply is October 13th before 8:00 pm.    

Application Awards Not Yet Confirmed and/or Open:

HERITAGE FITNESS - This scholarship is awarded to encourage and support local youth as they pursue studies at college, university or in the trades.  It is a $1,000 scholarship offered by Heritage Fitness of Carleton Place. Please see:

ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE YOUTH FOUNDATION $1,000 BURSARY AWARDS - For each OPP Region in Ontario, the OPP Youth Foundation will award two $1,000 bursaries to students graduating from secondary school in Ontario to support their attendance at a university, college or apprenticeship type program.  Financial need and academic ability are part of the criteria.  Participation in an OPP Summer Camp Program (optional) may also be considered.  Please Ms. Brown in Student Services or visit: .  

MERIDIAN'S SEAN JACKSON SCHOLARSHIP -  Recognizes and rewards community initiative, innovation and impact among Ontario youth. This $10,000 scholarship is awarded to a high school graduate who has demonstrated both academic excellence and an outstanding commitment to his/her/their community.  Please see: .     

R. TAIT MCKENZIE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS  is sponsored by the Almonte Lions Club and celebrates student excellence in academics, athletics, and community involvement.  Two scholarships valued at $2,000 are awarded to the winners, and all finalists receive $100 bursaries.  Students who are interested in nominating their peers or in participating themselves, should pay attention to the in-school announcements and emails from Student Services in early Spring. The process and timelines for the award applications are outlined in early March.

K. BRUCE ANDREWS SCHOLARSHIP is an award that recognizes one student each year who has demonstrated exemplary leadership through significant contributions to their community, school athletics, and academics.  The scholarship has a value of $10,000. Students who are interested in nominating their peers or in participating themselves, should pay attention to the in-school announcements and emails from Student Services in early Spring for timelines.  

Community Scholarships and Awards at ADHS (2020-2021)                                                                                                                        

THE STUDENTS’ COUNCIL TROPHY is awarded  for the highest average in year four.  (TROPHY)                                   

THE OPC AWARD is given to a graduate who has displayed strong school leadership.  ($200)                                                                              

TRUSTEES’ AWARD: CHARACTER ALWAYS AWARD is presented to the student who persistently demonstrates and promotes a strong sense of caring and respect for all and who most exemplifies strength of character both in and out of the classroom.  ($500)  

THE DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION AWARD  is presented to a student who is making a difference - working to make ADHS an inclusive and great place to go to school! This student accepts others for who they are and helps open others’ minds to new ideas, thinking, and the importance of inclusion and belonging.  ($1,000) 

THE DEUGO HOME SERVICES AWARD is presented to the student who has perseverance, a positive attitude, a dedication to hard work and who will be working in the trades or agriculture.  “The summit of success is not reached in a single leap, but in a series of determined steps”.  (TBD) 

THE HONOURABLE ALAN D. SHEFFIELD SCHOLARSHIP is given to a student who demonstrates excellence in Grade 12 University English. (TBD) 

THE BRIAN TACKABERRY MATHEMATICS SCHOLARSHIP is given for excellence in grade 12 college Mathematics.  (TBD) 

THE EVELYN WHEELER BARRISTER & SOLICITOR SCHOLARSHIP is presented  to a deserving student who has achieved excellence in Co-operative Education.  (TBD) 

THE DR. EVELYN ST. GEORGE & DR. ANDRE ST. GEORGE SCHOLARSHIP  goes to the graduate for excellence in grade 12 university Science.  (TBD) 

THE MUSICA ARTS LEADERSHIP AWARD is presented to a graduating student with the highest proficiency mark in Grade 12 Music/Visual Art/Drama/Dance and/or continuing their education in a Performing Arts field at the post-secondary level.  (TBD) 

THE ALMONTE PHYSICIANS’ AWARD is given to a graduate entering a health-related field.  (TBD) 

THE HUB CONSERVATION BURSARY is presented to a deserving graduate pursuing further studies related to the understanding and protection of the environment or related field, such as Biology, Geology, Marine/Animal Biology.  (TBD) 

THE ALMONTE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY BURSARY is presented to a student furthering their education in Horticulture, Agriculture, Forestry, and/or Environmental Studies.  (TBD) 

THE DAVID RITCHIE WORLD OUTLOOK AWARD is given to a graduating student who has a global outlook and has excelled over four years in Canadian and World Studies.  ($2,000) 

THE ALMONTE VETERINARY SERVICES AWARD is given to a deserving student entering studies in Animal Health, Husbandry, Wildlife Management or a related field.  (TBD) 

THE LOUIS LADOUCEUR BURSARY is sponsored by the Almonte Fish and Game Association, and is presented to a deserving graduate who has demonstrated an ongoing interest in conservation and the environment.  (TBD) 

THE JOE IRVIN CONSTRUCTION EXCELLANCE AWARD is given to a deserving student who has shown dedication and success in technology courses.  ($2,500)  

THE BILL TUFFIN “TUFFY” MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is given by Tuffy’s family to a graduating student who is pursuing further education in trades and/or technology, and who demonstrates a positive community spirit and sportsmanship throughout his/her school career at ADHS. ($1,000) 

THE ALMIME TROPHY is awarded to a student who has made an outstanding contribution to the Drama Club.  (TBD) 

THE BRANCH 240 ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BURSARY is awarded to a deserving student continuing their education with preference given to a Legion member’s family.  (TBD) 

THE VIOLET GREEN MEMORIAL BURSARY is given by the women’s Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion to deserving students continuing their Education with preference given to a Legion Auxiliary member’s family.  (TBD) 

THE ALMONTE AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION BURSARY is awarded to a deserving student pursuing education in a medical-related field.  (TBD) 

THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS BURSARY is presented to a deserving student who has gone on to further education.  (TBD)  

THE FULTON’S PANCAKE HOUSE BUSINESS AWARD is presented to a student entering university or college in the field of Business or Commerce.  (TBD)  

THE PATRICE’S YOUR INDEPENDENT GROCER AWARD is presented to a graduating student who has contributed to the school and community.  (TBD) 

THE ALMONTE & DISTRICT HIGH SCHOOL STAFF BURSARY is awarded by the Staff to provide learning opportunities for deserving students.  (TBD) 

THE ALMONTE & DISTRICT HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT AWARD is given to an individual who is known for their enthusiasm and positivity, as well, someone who promotes inclusivity and equality.           (TBD) 

THE STUDENTS’ COUNCIL BURSARY is given to a deserving student entering further education.  (TBD) 

THE LANARK DISTRICT 29, RETIRED TEACHERS OF ONTARIO AWARD is given to a student who demonstrates leadership qualities, who is positive, helpful, friendly and treats others with respect.  (TBD) 

THE O.S.S.T.F. BURSARY is presented to a deserving student who has a proven record of involvement/leadership in school and community.  (TBD) 

THE BARR BUS LINES AWARD is presented to a student who applies themselves in both academics and athletics, who also contributes to the spirit of both the school and the community.  (TBD)  

THE UPPER CANADA DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD STUDENT SUCCESS INITIATIVE AWARD is given to a graduating student whose destination is directly into the workplace.  (TBD)  

THE GORDON MACNABB MEMORIAL BURSARY is donated by the Rotary Club of Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills and given to a graduating student who has set a high standard of caring and cooperation with others. (TBD) 

THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR’S COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER AWARD is given to a graduating student for exemplary community contribution or outstanding achievement through volunteer activity.  (PIN & CERTIFICATE) 

THE WASEYADIZ-I INDIGENOUS LEADERSHIP AWARD is presented to a student who has shown participation and involvement with Native student leadership activities, and who has inspired and promoted Indigenous culture within the school community. (TBD) 

THE EQUITY AND DIVERSITY AWARD is sponsored by OSSTF District 26 and presented to two students who have demonstrated an active role in promoting equity and inclusivity in the school community. (TBD)  

THE ALMONTE CIVITAN BURSARY is awarded to a deserving graduate continuing their education who has made a significant contribution to community service. (2 X TBD) 

THE ALMONTE DENTAL CLINIC AWARD is awarded by Dr. Jim Kontogiannis to a deserving student pursuing further education.  (TBD) 

THE LEVI HOME HARDWARE BUILDING CENTRE AWARD is awarded to a deserving student pursuing further education. (TBD) 

THE VALLEY PLAYERS’ BURSARY is awarded to a deserving student pursuing further education in the Arts. (TBD) 

THE MISSISSIPPI MASONIC LODGE #147 BURSARY is awarded to a deserving student pursuing further education. (TBD) 

THE ST. LAWRENCE COLLEGE BOARD OF GOVERNORS’ SCHOLARSHIP is presented for citizenship, academics, and special achievement.  ($500) 

Contact Information

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Phone: 613-256-1470 #2509

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